Here’s How I Am Prioritizing My Wellness This October


These days I’m wearing many hats: wife , full time educator , part time entrepreneur , aunty , sister , daughter, friend and all the in betweens. October is wellness month and while I strive to be consistent and do this always , this month especially I am dedicated to prioritizing all areas of my wellness . It’s so easy to get caught up in being everything to everyone and doing everything all at once, but as I’ve already learned, it catches up to you and fast . In 2019 , my mental and physical health was deteriorating due to the amount of stress I was under between my work and personal life . As I get back into work full time in person  as well as explore avenues of entrepreneurship here are the things that I am making sure to do so I don’t burn out . 


  1. Staying on top of my physical health. My physical health needs to be my biggest priority. I have always struggled with remaining active for long periods . I’m very good at getting started and getting motivated to move , but tend to lose interest not long after . This month and hopefully for months to come , my goal is to remain active in order to maintain my physical health. To do this I’ve committed to working out at least 3 times a week , I’ve been doing kickboxing to help with this goal and 6 weeks in , so far so good . I’m also committing to watching my portions ( cause ya girl can eat),  reducing the amount of processed foods I inhale, drinking more water and taking my vitamins daily. So far so good , these little steps towards wellness got me feeling so so good. 


  1. Prioritizing Rest . This could’ve probably gone under the category of physical health , but I think it deserves a category all on its own . Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t play about my naps . As I started exploring entrepreneurship and with all other personal things I have on my plate some days I was finding myself giving up my naps and I’m not here for it . I’ve been napping daily for years now and I’m not ready to stop . Even if it is a quick 45 minutes , I make sure to schedule in that time and it truly makes all the difference in my productivity .


  1. Making time for family and friends. Even if it has to be planned weeks in advance , which these days with my friend’s schedule it needs to be, I am dedicated to finding time for friendship . Y’all our October outing was planned since early September , and we already have a head start for November. My friends and my family really play a huge role in keeping me sane and therefore must be part of my wellness plan. 


 4 . Dreaming big, but also being realistic. I am a dreamer in every sense of the word. I am also a doer. I like to do everything and I like to do it all at once . I truly believe I can do any and everything , and while it may be somewhat true , I’ve come to realize that it will also put me on the fast track to burning out and then of course nothing gets done.  One thing I am focusing on , this month especially, is being realistic on what is achievable on that day , or in that moment and only focusing on that . I won’t lie , this has been HARD , but I am finding that I am able to accomplish so much more when my focus is on  one thing at a time. 


  1. Finally establishing some boundaries– I was determined to put boundaries in place  in all areas of my life. This part had to be extremely intentional. It takes daily work , but I’m already getting better at not only setting my boundaries but actually sticking to them no matter how small.


  1. Positive self talk and daily affirmations. 

Yep, these have been extremely helpful in helping me remember who TF I am lol . But Forreal sometimes we all need a reminder and reading / repeating affirmations have been a beautiful addition to my daily routines to help me remain centered . 


I hope to continue to focus on my wellness for the rest of this month and to truly turn everything I am doing into daily habits that will stay with me. I hope you’re finding ways to prioritize your wellness too !


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